Streaming countdown timer for OBS and SLOBS

StreamCD | Streaming countdown timer for OBS and SLOBS

OBS countdown timer


StreamCD provides a fantastic and absolutely free way to build unique countdown clocks for your livestreaming sessions. There are unlimited customization options, including a large color palette and a number of fonts, allowing you to make countdowns that properly match your overlay. A list of all possible customization features may be seen below.

Customization features

  • Create incredibly accurate countdowns for various events by counting down from a specific date and timezone.
  • Count down for a specific amount of time; the countdowns may be reset at any moment, making them ideal for marathons.
  • Change the direction of the counting to count up from 0, which is a great way to show your viewers how long you've been streaming for.
  • Many customers use this functionality to configure their BRB and GOING LIVE SOON sources by adding a descriptive title above the countdown as well as an ending title.
  • Select from a variety of colors and fonts
  • Toggle timer sections if you only want to show minutes and seconds for example.
  • Update the timer directly in OBS and show a list of timer events

Countdown timers are a terrific way to lend a professional edge to your live stream and are especially useful for live broadcasting. After conducting extensive study, I discovered that many streamers struggle to locate a countdown that fits their overlay and, in some cases, end up modifying their entire layout only to use a countdown.

StreamCD | Streaming countdown timer for OBS and SLOBS StreamCD | Streaming countdown timer for OBS and SLOBS

What is a Countdown Timer?

A countdown timer does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a graphic timer that you add to your live video (typically at the start) that counts down to the start of your broadcast.

The main reason for this is that your live stream reaches its peak number of viewers around the 18 to 20 minute mark on Facebook and around the 10 to 15 minute mark on YouTube and 10 to 20 minutes on Twitch, and you don't want to start your main content if not everyone is watching, so the countdown timer is a great way to get attention and play into the algorithms so your live stream is discovered.

I recommend that you start your live stream with a 10 to 20 minute segment on a starting soon source with chat enabled, allowing you to garner engagement before moving on to your major material, so that you may communicate with your viewers and make the streaming experience more involved.

Why use a countdown timer in your live stream?

A countdown timer allows you to broadcast your live video with your various audiences and entice them to return to watch. It's commonly utilized for going live soon scenes and by streamers who are doing live streaming marathons, but it's most vital for establishing habits and engagement with your audience.

Who's up for a little extra interaction? I'm sure you do. Twitch and Youtube simply enjoy engagement because the algorithms love it. They see that they are beneficial to you since you are gaining engagement, which leads to sales.

I utilized a transparent background by default in the countdown timer I made for StreamCD so that you could see everything behind the words. It adds interest and may easily be customized to fit your design.