StreamCD's LinkTree alternative for influencers and streamers

Is Linktree the best option available?

Linktree has various restrictions that may cause some users to consider alternative solutions. Recently, LinkTree has seemed to focus more on shopping than on its primary objective. The primary goal of StreamCD, which was created with influencers and streamers in mind, is to provide a neat, straightforward, and customisable link list without too many gimmicky features.

We're concentrating on influencers and streamers in particular because they're sick of having to remember all of their social profiles and vital links. You may now create up to 10 distinct profiles connected to the same account based on your needs and have them all in one location.You can alter the colors, fonts, inscriptions, borders, and everything else on your profile page; your only restriction is your imagination.

Your audience is also kept safe from fake profiles due to our pre check on link click. Before visiting a certain URL, people can check it for security and report any broken links. We will carefully review and, if necessary, remove any reported broken links.

We provide two sharing options; you may share your direct link or drive visitors to your profile by scanning the QR code that is created automatically. You may focus on your primary traffic sources by viewing the traffic statistics for your page and each individual URL you have registered in your dashboard.

Build your own links list on StreamCD

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