Popular games fonts to use in your live stream overlay

Every streamer wants a unique personalized overlay that represents his character, but most streamers also want to integrate a part of the game they are usually playing and sharing with their audience in their overlay. And what is the simplest approach to accomplish this? You can, of course, use the game's main typeface to merge your overlay into the real gameplay, making your live streaming experience a lot more dynamic and exciting for the audience.

Here's a collection of some of the most popular gaming typefaces, along with direct download links. It's worth noting that some of them are already in our streaming tools app, while others are awaiting approval from their authors before being used on this platform. So, without further ado, here is my font selection.

1. LifeCraft

Lifecraft is the main font that appears in every World of Warcraft logo. It comes from one of the most successful MMORPG games ever developed. This is an excellent resource for streamers who enjoy this game.

Dafont Lifecraft

2. Morpheus

The Morpheus typeface comes from the same most popular game World of Warcraft and Warcraft, and is utilized on the majority of the game's subtitles and descriptions.

Dafont Morpheus

3. Out Run

I couldn't discover the particular game where this font is used, but I can tell you that if you play Freefire or Cyberpunk, this one is excellent for overlays because it gives you the sensation.

Dafont Outrun Future

4. HeadlineNO.45

This font was used in the logo for PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS, which is based on the most popular mobile shooter game, PUBG.

Dafont HeadlineNO.45

5. Urban Jungle

Another great typeface, this time from FREEFIRE, another popular mobile shooter game.

Dafont Urban Jungle

6. Minecraft fonts

Because there are so many fonts in Minecraft, I had to divide the list here. Minecraft is a popular building game in which you may create your own world, mine, fight, gather resources, and much more with only your imagination as a limit.

Minecraft CHMC

Fontspace Minecraft CHMC

Minecraft Evening

Fontspace Minecraft Evening

Maincraft Ten

Fontspace Minecraft Ten


Dafont Minecrafter

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