How to make a live subscriber count

YouTube live sub count

For usage in OBS and Streamlabs, StreamCD is the best way to monitor any YouTube video's Live View, Like, Comment, and Viewers count updated in Real-Time!

Our Likes Counter is a meter that displays the amount of likes and dislikes for a video on YouTube in real time. Streamers who want to add more information to their stream screen can use the Likes Counter. Our counter will allow you to simply add information about the current number of viewers, likes of a stream, total number of views, and other statistics to the screen of your livestreams.

We're extracting Live View, Like, Comment, and Viewers counts using YouTube's Official Application Programming Interface (API). It will always be as accurate as possible.

To get the live likes, views and comments you may use one of the following:

  • The ID of the video (Example: XqZsoesa55w)
  • The URL of the video (for example,

How to use Youtube Live Like Counter in OBS and Streamlabs

Open your preferred streaming program after copying the given link. We'll launch the streaming program and create a new browser source to load the YouTube video likes, views, and comments into our streaming session.

Step 1. Create a new browser source

Create a new scene or select the scene where you want to show the views. Click the button under sources to add a new browser source, as seen in the images below.

Step 2. Name your browser source

Choose a name for the source to separate it from the rest of your widgets; you can just call it Youtube Likes Counter.

Step 3. Browser source settings

The settings are straightforward; I want a full width and height window, so we'll set the width to 1920 pixels and the height to 1080 pixels. We replace the link we copied from above into the url input. When switching sceneries, clear the CSS text field and uncheck the source reset. All that's left is to position the views counter inside the overlay using the ALT key and dragging to resize the window once we've finished setting up the browser source.

Step 4. Personalize the appearance

By making an account, you can change the appearance. The advantage of having a account is that you can manage all of our FREE streaming resources, such as this YouTube like counter, in a simple user interface. There are no hidden costs, fees, or extra features, and everything is free to use.

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