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STPlatform v0.1.3 is now live

The STREAMCD foundation platform has finally been upgraded; you will notice a total design revamp as well as the addition of new functions; however, the most essential changes will be discussed in this post.

1. Introduction of account manager

  • - After all, I've decided to introduce an account manager where users can easily control their streaming tools. With the introduction of this system, I've also built a mailing system for password recovery and account activation, but don't worry, I'm not spamming you.
  • - It's simple to create an account; simply click this registration button, fill out the registration form, then activate your account using the activation token provided in the registration email.
  • - Logging in is even easier; simply click log in, enter your credentials, and you'll be taken to your creator studio.

2. Creator studio changes

  • - The Creator Studio has been divided into different categories, and you can now create one of the following tools.
    • ➡️ - Customizable countdown (no alpha filters required; countdown has a transparent background by default); you may stylize the countdown to fit your layout by selecting from a choice of fonts, styles, and colors
    • ➡️ - When having a live streaming marathon, create stunning timers to show your viewers how long you've been streaming.
    • ➡️ - Create Likes goals and display them on-screen, allowing your viewers to assist you in achieving your objectives and contributing to your achievement.
    • ➡️ - Use a live statistics youtube card to promote your alternative Youtube channels or create subscribe goals (a card that shows channel name, avatar, total subscribers, and total uploaded videos)

3. Design changes

  • - The design has been entirely redone, and it may yet undergo modifications in the next days. The most significant change is the color palette, which has been changed from a deeper to a lighter tone for the homepage, while creator studio has retained its darker magenta look..

  • - Although Creator Studio is not currently mobile responsive, this functionality will be provided in the near future for streamers who use their phones to update their streaming tools in preparation for a live appearance.

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