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Implemented a new option

I've just implemented a new option that allows you to select a specific time to count down from. You will be able to choose between period selection or time selection with a simple switch. Once logging in to the configurator, you will see a new tab in the left side menu called Countdown Settings, under that menu you will see all the options including the one for period selection.

You may use this new option for countdowns like Time until Christmas or Time until a friend or family member's birthday, there are endless possibilities to use this option, it all resumes to your imagination.

Stay tuned, a new big update will be posted soon, I'm collaborating with a photographer so you guys will be able to choose a background as well for your countdowns.

Announcements were now split into different pages for each announcement, this will help us get more exposure over search engines.

Under the preview window, the only change that was applied is that I moved the timer in the middle of the screen.

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