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StreamCD countdown for livestreams is now live

After many months of development, our platform is finally live. STREAMCD is a browse source widget for OBS that allow you to create customised livestream countdowns in a very easy maner and within minutes.

Are you tired of all hard to set up or services that are charging you money for such a simple feature ? Don't you worry, our system does not have any hidden fees applied to any of the services we provide making our platform completely free to use.

No membership required to setup a countdown ! Cool, isn't it ? We want our users to be able to go straight to the subject without having to deal with all type of submission forms. All you have to do is click on create a countdown and set the style to create your perfect countdown !

We are using a clean and simple UI that makes the platform easy to use by everyone, it takes just your creativity in combining colors, sizes and take advantage of the multiple fonts we provide, almost every single google font can be found in our platform.

The platform is not designed for mobile use, however you may be able to create countdowns and your OBS software will read the content based on your settings width and height but for the best performance we suggest you to use our platform on a computer or laptop ! List of suggested browsers: Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox

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