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Link All Your Social Media Profiles in One Place

Why is having all of your social network links in one place so important?

Every streamer and podcaster wants to advertise their material in as many places as possible, but with so many social media sites to choose from, it can be difficult to keep track of all your links.

StreamCD provides a fantastic solution to this problem; you can now create a custom page that includes all of your social media links under a single URL, and that's not all; we also provide a FREE QR CODE that is automatically generated, which you can use in your videos, on flyers, or on merch to direct your audience to your profile page.

You can use a wallpaper and avatar that characterize your character/channel, as well as a brief description of yourself or what you're doing, to personalize your card. You can also modify the overall font style to fit your page properly.

The advantages of utilizing our all-in-one feature

  • Keep track of your social networking links at all times.
  • Finding a specific link is easier.
  • You may use these statistics to check the performance of your social media page for free.
  • Free QR code that redirects your audience to your social links page and works with any 2D scanner.
  • You can change the background and avatar, as well as the cards and url characteristics, on this fully adjustable customization panel.
  • Your all in one social links page is fully responsive and will look great on any device.

With a variety of configurable options, you can have as many URLs as you need on a single page.

  • The background of your URL card can be changed.
  • For your links/buttons, you can choose any color you want.
  • You can choose any color for the icon, which means you can have a different link title color than the icon color.
  • For each url, you can choose a different icon.

Because we wish to stand out from the crowd, we also provide you with a free basic performance statistics view where you may examine the following factors:

  • Check how many people have visited your profile by clicking on your base profile url.
  • Check how many people have visited your profile by scanning the QR Code.